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Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Products Do You Use?

We take into account every situation differently only using products that present no threat to others or the environment while maintaining accurate and smart decisions.

Are Your Products Safe for Animals and Kids?

Only products that have low toxicity to mammals are used and applied in the safest manner possible. Complete organic solutions are also available through us.

Do You Offer Organic Pest Control?

Yes complete organic pest solutions are available.

What Bugs Are Typically Covered in a Contract?

Most General Household Pest are Covered. Except Rodents, Termites, Bees, Mosquitos, Fleas, Ticks, Bed Bugs and Fire Ants.

What Does a Contract Cover if Live Bugs are Present After Service?

Re-treatment of the area is performed at no additional cost until the problem is solved.

What is Used to Treat Drywood Termites?

Masterfume is a type of fumigant. Fumigants are odorless, do not leave a residual, wont damage the ozone layer. Airing out of a structure rather quickly.

How Long Does it Take To Fumigate a Structure?

Typically the process is three days.